Monday 16 July 2012

Preservation key to wildlife future

Eumundi Green, 5 July 2012, page 19

Bellbunya is a rural 40 acre property in Belli Park on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, which lies between the West Cooroy State Forest and Mapleton Forest Reserve. The property has been regenerated during the last 20 years to create wildlife corridors and sanctuaries for animals moving between these major habitats. It has an underground river, springs, a large billabong and the headwaters of a significant Belli Creek tributary. The property contains a huge selection of native fauna and flora, including platypus, sugar gliders, echidnas, possums, bandicoots, native fish species and a diverse range of frogs and birds.

To aid in the process of this regeneration, Bellbunya has recently started a programme to bring foreign students to the property to assist with the work. Currently a group of Americans have come over to our shores on the ISV scheme (International Student Volunteers) and combined with the Mary River Catchment Care group and the local Shire Council they are in the process of clearing weeds and planting native species to encourage biodiversity along Belli Creek and the riparian zones. But this is no ordinary process for the methods are entirely organic. No easy task clearing areas of invasive species without the use of sprays but the current team of students under the ISV scheme and despite the rain have been busy clearing vast areas and learning all about the ecosystems. They were privileged to witness a swimming platypus whilst they were working just last week.

Bellbunya hope to continue planting 12,000 trees. Many of them koala trees to help with their recovery numbers on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and welcome people keen to help. They run various project times and if you’d like to assist with this wonderful enterprise to boost our wildlife numbers contact the team at Bellbunya on 5447 0181 or email:

They also welcome visits from locals interested in seeing their venture unfold.

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